Team Citius Motorsport

Our goal is to develop good driving skills and excellent racing techniques. All members of the Team will be offered the opportunity to participate in the races on a result basis.

The deciding factor for participation is not only the actual racing, but also strategy, pit stop management, change of drivers / fuelling, the balanced choice of engine power output, drive-line and choice of tires. It’s important to keep within the limits of material strength and driver capability.

Our first season in Endurance Racing resulted in a promising 7th place out of 40 competitors.
Pit Stop management turned out well and inspired the team members to take on 2 cars.

Second semester, 2006 developed further skill in fuelling and changing parts.

Car No. 8 was running almost free of any mechanical problem until the 6th and last Race when a steering arm was broken and we lost 15 minutes, resulting in a well deserved 5th place instead of a 3rd. This shows how tight this Racing series is.

Car No. 80 started of with a 4th place in the first Race but after that the problems started and only 4 Races were finished which resulted in a 13th place out of 43 competitors.

The Team has performed well overall and everyone (Clas, Mattias, Micke, Henke & Nicke) has contributed to make the Team professional and developed Team spirit.
The sponsors (Kenneth, Pieter & Ulf) have had the possibility to develop driving skills and experience for tight Racing.

This winter proved to be a great challenge for the members in terms of accomplishing further development of one new car, No 8 and upgrade of  car No. 80 before the first start of the season on 18th of May 2007. New No. 8 will be white and is a Coupé instead of a Targa which means some 200 pound lighter. The 2 cars will be “Black, No 80 & White, No 8” and develop 225 bhp and 200 bhp (Beams) respectively.

The Team will go for it 2007 and  has set a goal of finishing within the 5 best cars at each Race.

Kenneth Carlsson, Pieter Ahl & Ulf Johansson
Team Sponsors

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