Team Citius Motorsport

Car # 80: Toyota MR2 -91
Engine: Mid engine 3SGE, Toyota 2,0 4-cyl steel block, 16-valve ported and polished aluminum head, double overhead cam. Balanced and weight-adjusted original crank shaft. Gasket-matched / ported intake manifold by Köhler Racing and Köhler valve springs. Cusco lightweight flywheel, TRD clutch. Original re-built exhaust manifold, 2,5 inch exhaust system, 2,5 inch resonator with built-in racecat. DTA steering rack. Castrol engine oil.
Power: 225 HP at 7800rpm
230 Nm at 5500rpm
Transmission: Orginal Toyota 5-speed, rear wheel drive.
Steering: Mechanical, no power steering.
Suspension: Toda adjustable coilovers, powerflex bushings, Tannabe sway bar, custom made strut bar
Breaks: Front: 330x?mm ventilated discs, 4-piston calipers
Back :280x22mm ventilated discs, Toyota original calipers
Carbotech break pads, stainless steel break lines, Castrol break fluid.
Body: Carbon fiber hood, engine hatch and trunk
Lexan windows except windshield
Aluminum T-tops
TRD wing (copy)
Greedy side skirts
Greedy front läpp in carbon fiber
Color: Black (Toyota 202)
Rims: Volk TE37 7x16" front, 8x 16" rear.
Tires: 205/50-16" alt. 205/55-16" R-däck
Weight: 1080 kg incl. driver and half tank (original service weight 1330 kg)

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