Welcome to Citius Motorsport - ”Black & White”

Citius Motorsport was formed as a Racing Team in 2004 and the first Toyota MR2 GTi was brought to Sweden from Germany and tuned for racing.

In 2005 we made our first attempt in Endurance Racing by participating in 6 races, each over 6 hours. 40 teams participated and we scored 7th place with our MR2 GTi no 8 as beginners.
Encouraged by excellent Team Spirit the Team decided to build a second MR2 GTi, No. 80 and we raced with both cars during 2006 in the new Endurance Racing Cup together with 43 teams. (www.ercup.se).

The new season, 2007 will bring another interesting issue for the Team. We decided to replace the first MR2 Targa with a new white colored MR2 GTi Coupé. The experience from building the first 2 cars will be built into this new No. 8. In addition the cars will undergo serious development in engine performance, tight-shifted gearbox and aerodynamic refinement.

The team also hosts a Porsche 968cs good for normal roads but still tuned, heavy metal sheets replaced by carbon fiber/glass fiber and handling refined. This car is registered in the Swedish Racing Registry and is therefore able to participate in suitable races. The Team members use this car in testing and driving skill development. As the car is registered for normal road driving we use it for practicing at Nürburgring in Germany and to show our sponsors how to handle a racing car as co-driver and driver.


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